"failed to write image" after DVDshrink, please help



can someone help me with burning dvdr’s?? I have a LG GSA-4120B, and when I go to burn a DVDR after I have shrunk it and everything it gives me a “failed to write image” message. Is there anything I can do?? it burns cdr’s fine. is there a firmware for my writer? anything would help… :confused:


Your drive is certainly capaple of burning dvds, what software you using and what do you have hardware wise for your pc?

I need a little more info to help you hoss…:slight_smile:


P111- 900, 2 scsi hard drives, OS Windows 2000 Pro. Sony cdr, LG DVD.


Hope that is enough info for ya… after all day I got a couple to burn, but they pause and have audio pauses. etc. I have no idea and now I am close to giving up.


what software are you using for burning?? nero?? dvd decrypter?? also what kind of media are you using???