Failed to set layer change to LBA?



I have a dual layer dvd that wont copy and I get this error. im positive its not a copywrite issue so what is it then? (Failed to set layer change to LBA) I was using 1clickdvdcopy. I have xp media center if that helps at all. :doh: It was converted from PAL format to NTSC with convertx first.


Load the target into Imgburn and let it calculate the best LB position.


But its a movie not an image lol. inside folders say VTS


And the problem is…?

Imgburn can handle not only images very well.


Less of the “lol” please.

Use ImgBurn in ‘Build’ mode and it will sort out the layer break, as described by chef


I will try it thankyou; before I tryed a few methods which are: exact copy and I got the following result: failed to set the layer change to LBA course you know this and the second method was: custom and it went fine till the second part which was cashing files; I never seen a wait bar on this part and after 10 minutes or so got this message burning process failed. At any rate I will search for this software and tell you how it went. Thankyou all for your very helpful advice. :clap: … for each error I had to wait 5 to 10 minutes or so.

I would takeout l0l but I was at work all day and just got back and I dont see any edit wording. Im guessing it goes away after 12 hours? OMG imgburn is free! :bigsmile:


I got a response error; Im not able to post it here so I will just post the link to it. It’s in yousendit. IMGBurn Error Screeny on Yousendit in short it says: Interpretation write error


OK now we need to know what type of discs you are using. It sounds like they might be bad media.

Please download CD-DVD Speed and check your DL blanks using the disc Info tab. If you could post the text there, that would be helpful.


I think that the [B]ISO is too big[/B].

Choose a lower burnspeed too.


the empty dvd says: dvd+r DL (dual layer) and the size of the movie in question is:3.5.32gbs. My burner is LG its the black 1 that does it all; says supermulti rw on the front. someone in a tech room told me I need a firmware upgrade but isnt this dangerous? I have been using ultraiso to make the video file an iso and im still having trouble when its trying to cache.


In your error image the ISO size is about 8.5 GB (8,466,159,616), so I’m not sure what’s happening there with your quoted figure above.

Also please post all the media ID from the CD-DVD Speed window, not just the disc type.


Ok sorry its the smaller size. The issue was the freezing when its trying to cache and were do I get this other info from? imgburn log? =cd-dvd speed window. This is the first movie; I have 2. The other is huuge but need to get this out the way first.


I’m sorry but it’s not clear what you mean by “smaller size”. Below is the error screenshot you posted earlier, and where you can see that the ISO image is over 8.4 GB. This must be the size of the image you are trying to burn, is it not?

The second picture is of the information that would be useful from CD-DVD Speed… in particular the line stating the ‘MID’ (media ID).


:bow: I’m so lost; thankyou for clerifying everything 57. I need to log in as administrator; now im lower user account I created. I have Nero CD-DVD Speed version 3.32 Do I need to run all the tests first because when I click (disk info) All I see is this:

Manufacturer : TYG03
Code : -
Disc Type : DVD-ROM (Book Type: DVD-R)
Usage : General
Recording Layer : -
Recording Speed : 4.1 X - 16.4 X
Capacity : -

Additional Capacity : -
Overburn Capacity : -

is my version of CD-DVD speed old as dirt? :o
I’m going to ask around but first I need to do some work in my administrator acount might take like 30 to 45 minutes to complete itself then I can findout about this newer version.

You have been so helpful in my technical blooper. Thankyou very much. :smiley:


I’m still workin on it; does this help? It’s from everest

Field Value
Optical Drive Properties
Device Description HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B
Manufacturer Hitachi-LG
Interface ATAPI

Writing Speeds
DVD+R9 Dual Layer 4x
DVD+R 16x
DVD-R 16x
CD-R 40x
CD-RW 24x

Reading Speeds
CD-ROM 40x

Device Manufacturer
Company Name LG Electronics
Product Information
Firmware Download

I didnt update the firmware; is this bad? :confused:


This is SL (single layer) media and seems to be already burned?!?


( The copyed text was from reading the unconverted PAL dvd that I had converted with ConvertX and turned out to be dual layer because the size was so huge and placed in a terporary folder.) sorry guys; I left this part out. :doh: anyways im stuck with a folder with the movie in it already converted and when I try to burn with 1click dvd copy it seems to freeze when trying to cache files to the temporary folder. I know the partition with this folder has enough space. So now im getting a new version of nero so I can read the dvd info from the sorce folder I saved the converted dual layer dvd inside. So im going to bring back my windows image so I dont need to do it again before reinstalling and saving the backup with the new nero. :confused: //Should I just install the new nero and use CD-DVD Speed im guessing to see if there is a transfer at all. I never updated the firmware on my burner drive; should I do that?
For your info the converted dvd is 7.88gbs in size; Im looking at the folder now.


With Imgburn you can [B]build[/B] up a DVD (image) aswell as burning it, especially recommended with DL media.


I have it setup finaly. Now im going to delete the backup and create a fresh backup; wish me luck. I have a new nero which has (CD-DVD Speed) I have been needing and I installed IMGBurn. I have been needing to redue a backup for a few small things I need to do when bringing it back so I will be back in here to do it soon and upload to yousendit the CD-DVD Speed result.


I tryed to build using the folder and I got this error: I uploaded it here because I cant seem to upload a picture here.

Unable to find any cells that can be used for the layer break. thats the error in imgburn.