Failed to rip DVD to HD

Hi Everyone,

Last night I received a error while attempting to back-up a DVD, to my HD with Nero Recode. And I had the latests version of AnyDVD running while I was using Nero Recode.
The drive I was using was a Samsung DVD-Rom SD-616T , that was preinstalled on my Dell Dimension 4550 computer that I purchased about 4-yrs. ago.
Also, when I went to “Computer Management” - “Event Viewer” - “System” I received a error message that contained the following info : “cdrom” ,“10_ERR_BAD_Block” , “The device, %1,has a bad block” .
I also attached the Nero Recode log file with this post.
I would like some feedback on what the problem may be, and what can be done about it .
Thank you .