Failed to read sector

Hey all!
I am new in this forum and i have read many threads…

i want to make a backup of the original “The Sims” (No Epansiopack!).

i have downloaded some profiles from the forum to burn and i uses clony XXX and finally i tried to brun with the configuration of Clony XXX. But always there is the message in my Log window “failed to read secotr”

I ve read, that this message can be normal and it takes a little bit longer to read the CD then.

But how long? I tried to brun the CD during the night, almost 4-5 hours and Clone CD had not finsihed reading! Is it normal or can somebody help me burning “The Sims”

I only read things about “The Sims unleashed” but i dont know aht it mean (Stupid question i know!!!) is it the original Sims?

what kind or reader do you use?
when your reader isn’t supported by clonecd it just won’t work

I have the PHILIPS CCD4801 to brun the cd’s, but i thought it was compatible…

Can I use it to brun with CloneCD ?

check here

ok thx. But i dont know what my cd drive hast to be able to.

Best write Mode: RAW-DAO 16

Buffer-Underrun Technology: -

Correct EFM-Encoding: “one sheep” :wink:

Best Data-Read Mode: RAW

Best Audio-Read Mode: RAW+16

Is it sufficient to work with CLone CD and to brun The Sims?

Nobody who can help me? Please please…HELP :wink:

It sounds like the drive you’re reading from doesn’t support fast error skip, or it’s not implemented properly in the settings. I’m not familiar with your drive, but some readers are simply better than skipping over errors than others.

ok thx, but where can i control if my drive supports fast error skip?

What actually should be said, is the drive ALMOST correct in the efm encoding.

If you use clonecd and see on the writers list ( See link above)
the correct efm recording has a picture of a sheep. If it has 2 sheeps pictured, then it will correctly perform the efm correctly when a cd is backed up, if it has only one then it might not,
of course if it doenst, then it won’t.

Yours has one. Maybe doing a disc dump with blindwrite/read might help.

In CloneCD 4.x, when you’re copying from CD to an image file, after you select your reader, you’re given a choice of what profile you want to use. You can edit the settings in these profiles by right clicking them. Under Error Handling you can change the Fast Error Skip Setting. Choices are Off, On, or Automatic.

thx again!

I ve tried to use BlindWrite to create an Image of the cd, but also BlindWrite needs much time to read the CD. What options must be activated?

i used CloneyXXX to see which Protection is used by The Sims. it says, that it is only the old safedisc version which could be copy very easily.

But i have always the “failed to read Sector” Problem and it takes very much time until there will be all skipped!

Any advices?

When using BW for a SD protected game, one should enable the alternative reading setting, just like in the image below:

Then just read the image with the nibble extraction method:

I have found BW to be a faster SD reader than CCD, maybe you’ll get lucky :wink: