Failed to initialize the burning engine?



Out of the blue I start getting this error message, I can still save movies to HD and burn using ripping software but I bought this program to do both at once. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I am currently using version 3098, should I revert to an older version? If yes, can anyone email me a copy? I have DVDFab Platinum! :sad:


Welcome to CDFreaks, try to revert (restore) your system registry to few week back and see if that resolve the issue otherwise the email to DVDFAB customer Service for help.


I have already contacted customer support, they asked me to wait until the new version comes out. This was obviously before this version was released. After installing the new version I am still having the same problems.


What was the error message? send us the burn log and maybe we can figure it out


The error message is the title, failed to initialize burning engine. It also will not recognize either of my DVDRW’s because the burn engine isn’t functioning.


Do you have DVD43 installed or another burning software running in the background?


If not then somehow the VSO engine might have gotten corrupt, I would try uninstalling and do a clean reinstall of FAB


No DVD43, I am using Nero as my burning software now, but it has been installed since before I ever had DVDFab.


Hi BigbadHeels
have you opened Device Manager to see if VSO devices is listed :confused: if it is double click on it to see if “pcouffin device for 32 bit system” is listed and if it is then check
C:\Documents and Settings\Owner(user name)\Application Data
and see if pcouffin is listed there should be 4 entries for it at the bottom
Now check
and see if it is listed there as well

The [U]Application Data [/U] folder is a Hidden folder

BTW Welcome to the DVDFab forum on CDFreaks