Failed to initialize burning engine?



Hi everyone! How’s it going?
I’m a new user on here but have been reading for some time now.
Hopefully someone can help me out on this one.
I’m using DVDFab Platinum on a Vista x64 system. I have a Lightscribe DVD player/recorder on my desktop computer.
But for a while now I’ve been having issues with using DVDFab. I can rip a movie to my hard drive no problem, but cannot copy the image from the hard drive to the blank disc. And when I start up the program, I get an error as read below:

“Failed to initialize burning engine.”
“If you just installed the product, please restart your PC to see the result, or else please reinstall the product.”

I am also using DVD Region + CSS Free, running in the background, and Nero Smartstart Essentials is also installed on my system.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you for your input in this matter.


Update to latest final/beta (


(I am also using DVD Region + CSS Free, running in the background) Why are you running this in the background, Try closing everything except DVD FAB before you start burning and see what happens. Also you are running a very old version which may not work on the newer movies, try upgrading like the above poster said


Hi everyone!! Thank you for all your replies back! Greatly appreciated, but I will admit that I found a tasty little alternative. Install VSO Inspector, which comes in the install pack with a PCOUFFIN driver. As soon as this was installed, the program I mean, everything on my computer optical drive related started working perfectly in sync.

But regardless, thank you for all of your offered help!


[QUOTE=felinestevens;2042604]Install VSO Inspector,[/QUOTE]Very nice app. It will tell you info for your drive like Nero Infotool. Has upper and lower filters display. yeah i have it on my all three puters i have and i have had it for awhile.