Failed To Get Dvd Information

I have downloaded and tried the trial and the program worked perfectly. But after upgrading my system from 2GB ram to 4GB ram, I get the error "“FAILED TO GET DVD INFORMATION” immediately after starting to read the DVD. In fact this happens with any DVD. When I remove the new memory or the old memory and go back to 2GB of ram, the program works perfectly again. Any idea’s cuz I need the 4GB. Memory has been tested completely and is in perfect working order.

Just a shot in the dark, have you defraged your HDD lately ? Also is your Bios for your motherboard up to date so it recognizes the 4 gigs. of ram ? I recently upgraded my CPU and I had to also upgrade the MOBO Bios to be able to accept it. Just a thought. ~ Mike

Bios is up to date and system see’s all memory. I tested all 4GB in this system with diagnostic software. Remember, it doesn’t matter which 2GB I pull from the system, DVDFab will work with less than 4GB. As another side note. DVD decrypter works perfectly with the 4GB on this system. The failure is when DVDFab tries to analyze the files on the DVD with 4GB installed. Possible problem with available memory and DVDFab?

what operating system are you using. I have 3gb ram & XP home & my Fab platinum works OK.

I seem to recall reading somewhere that win XP doesn’t support 4gb ? see e.g. here or google it :

I am using 2K3 server.

I have used DVDFab with 4GB RAM on XP Home and Vista Ultimate with no problems. Does Explorer read and open the DVD?

Explorer sees all files on the DVD and I can use DVD Decrypter on older DVD’s without error. Only DVD fab fails with 4GB and I don’t know why. The OS sees all 4GB and I can run programs that utilize all unused memory without error. I need the extra memory in my server for my applications but my hopes of making backups of my own DVD’s while at work isn’t looking very promising. :sad: