Failed to create directory



I have the DVDFab Platinum but I’m not able to use it, each time I try to copy in any way DVD to DVD, DVD to Mobile with any type (Generic or Ipod) I get this error:

"Failed to create directory

and its cannot create that directory because it is naming it “:” by defualt and windows doesnot allow this symbol to be a file name


Welcome to the forum. You can edit the names of the default temp and output directories on the “General” tab of Common Settings. Once done, your settings will be preserved if you install updates over the previous version; likewise your registration.


Thank you for your replay… Unfortunatly I’m still having the same problem.


Hi missing1976 and I second the welcome by signals,
Just to follow-up on the advice from signals,
simply type the name of the folder you wish to create…no colons, etc.
I posted a few attachments (zipped) to demonstrate.

You can see I changed my temp folder from f: to c:. You can create any folder at any location. Say I wanted to create a folder of the movie “Forbidden Planet” on g:. I would simply navigate to g:, select “Make new folder” and type “Forbidden Planet” only (no quotes).

Hope this helps.

temp (52.6 KB)

temp (66.1 KB)

temp (51 KB)

temp (50.4 KB)


[B]:[/B] cannot be used in a file name except the required [B]:[/B] following the drive letter. example C:. No [B]:[/B] can be in the file or directory name beyond the C:. I think the default temp directory name is [B]C:\dvdfab[/B] with several sub directories under it such as full disc, split disc, main movie, custom, clone with sub folders with name of movie as the name. Split will have a name of movie sub folder that includes Disc1 & Disc2. So when naming directories keep this in mind.