'Failed to copy the DVD-Video, please clean the source disc...'

‘…or close some other program’. This is the message I get when I try to back up my ‘Later With Jools Holland’ dvd using CloneDVD. I have AnyDVD running in the background and I’ve treid to use Nero, with AnyDVD running too.
I get the feeling that if I wasn’t an almost complete computer dyslexic, I should be able to sort this out, but it has more than flummoxed me!
I’ve tried looking through the ‘newbie’ forum but to no avail. Is there anyone out there kind enough to break this down for an annoyed newcomer?
Thanks for your time.

Is there no way around this problem then? Am I out of luck?

you only posted an hour ago. give it some time :doh:

OK…Sorry! (and cheers)

is the disc dirty/scratched?

did you try cleaning it like the message stated?

did you recently update anydvd and forget to reboot? (weird, but i got that message once becuase of this)

can your computer read the disc without anydvd running?

Neither disc is scratched.
The AnyDVD I’m using is the demo version downloaded a couple of days ago and I’ve copied the film ‘Basic’ using the same method yesterday (shouldn’t have bothered though as it’s garbage!).
My computer can read the disc ok- when I put it in it ‘auto starts’ using Real Player and it adds itself to my startup registery every time I put the disc in to try again!

copy/paste the entire contents of the dvd on your harddisk, if that works, it’s clonedvd that’s malfunctioning.

I have used the ‘rip to Hard Disc’ option on AnyDVD once, but still couldn’t write those files to either CloneDVD OR Nero?

do you have anydvd and clone dvd running before you insert the dvd…or do you fire them over after you insert the disc. Personally, I’d disable autorun on that machine, and not a real fan of realplayer at all.

You could try ripping it with dvd shrink or fabdvd decrypter. Both are excellent freewares. I find shrink chokes on some copy protected discs…but not many, those that do choke still rip fine with the old dvddecrypter which is no longer updated. I have yet to try it, but hear fabdvd decrypter is updated and a fine replacement…:slight_smile:

I’ve tried it with both programs running when I put the disc in, neither program on, one on, one off… pretty much all combinations!

Are you trying to copy from an original or a copy of the disc? There is a chance that it is just a poor quality disc that is having problems being read by the drive. Download CD/DVD speed from nero.com and do a transfer rate test. If there are slowdowns (will show up as downward spikes) then that is the problem.

I agree with jhtalisman…check with Nero Drivespeed. Also, the original disk, though it may appear undamaged, might have a defective reflective layer. Can you get another original and try with that one…or, better still, just try it with another source disk altogether. If the new disk copies okay then you have some sort of drive/hardware/software conflict.