Failed to burn message on only certain titles




I have DVDFab Platinum with the latest upgrade but seem to have trouble burning certain titles.
I have copied several disks without any trouble. I just tried a couple and the title shows up as dvdvolume on both instead of “Sirens” or “King Rat”. On both disks it copies and then in task 2 the % stays at 0.00 and after a few minuets ends with a failed to burn error message. I then tried another movie and it worked fine. I went back to the other titles and I got the same results. It seems like it is an issue with those two movies.
Is this a common problem that not all titles can be copied? Is there an alternative way to burn?

Many thanks


First question is, are you sure your updated, because I think a new version came out last night? Save to your hard drive, put output files VOB, IFO, BUP into a VIDEO_TS folder, (I don’t know which way this program saves to the hard drive). Then burn with imgBurn in Build Mode.