"failed to burn dvd"

This is the second computer that DVDfab plat. has done this to.
However, maybe I should’nt blame it on the software just yet.
After burning many DVD movies with fab plat, my DVD burner stops working. Is this a common thing to happen to burners? They just die. I have tried many different DVD disks (different types), and have even tried to just burn any old file to a DVD using NERO. My DVD burner no longer works. It was working on one movie, and then the second movie I got “failed to burn DVD”.
I checked the NERO log, and say illegal disk. I think DVDfab somehow breaks DVD writers. Is this possible? Has anyone else had anything like this happen, and if so how did you fix it?
Any help will be much appreciated.

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It would be useful to tell us more , like what burner, what media you use (include the Media ID from CD-DVD Speed) & post the Nero log.

There is a free program called Tuff Test that can be found using google. I thik it will test a dvd drive and will boot and run from a floppy as it has its own OS (DrDos).


It can burn cd’s no problem. Just wont burn DVD’s.
It is a _NEC DVD_RW ND-1300A.
I am using Memorex 16X (i also have 8x). I do have NERO installed, but I have never changed any of the settings in DVDfab, so it is using the VSO burn engine. After about 20 burns it stoped working. Even DVD shrink wont work anymore. It seems to me like the DVD burner just died. But if thats the case should I still be able to burn CD’s. I am not the most tech savy guy, but I do know my way around the puter.

DVD laser can burn out and CD laser will still work. They are 2 different components in the burner.


It sounds like a defective drive to me. I don’t think DVDFab had anything to do with it.

just wanted to post my solution in case others were having a similar problem.

The drive died.
Like I said, I could burn cd’s just not dvd’s. Ran some tests, and found out that the dvd burning laser was no longer working. Bought a new drive, and backed up 5 movies in the same night.

DVDfab plat is an excellent software. Keep up the good work guys…

Glad to see DVD Platinum was not to blame :clap:

Spot on bigmacnc :clap: :iagree: :bow:

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Best to switch away from Memorex DVDs. Verbatim are good & easily sourced.