Failed sports

How about a thread about the nutty photo shots of a failed sport picture

Don’t know where this guys going-Hope this isn’t a trend in sports

The moral of this story is don’t eat beans before competing in speed skating events. That, or never, never fall behind.

Some members of the New Zealand rugby team just before playing…err thrashing the Irish team today :bigsmile:

and away we go

awsome video

I thought more of you guys would add to this post.

heads you lose

LOL!!! the first 3 pics are hilarious. :iagree: :bigsmile:


failed-I hope he got a penalty

failed for sure

I heard that

Watch out :smiley:

sports-Dean’s first mountain bike

[B]Springboks v Wallabies[/B] Revenge on the Downunder :cool:

Winning caption
"I thought they all had tails*


Failed again-didn’t bother this guy

sports-how about shovin that up your nose huh?


Top notch performance by Twente’s goalkeeper in the European Champion’s League match vs Tottenham today…