Failed Registration



I purchased Clone DVD and received 1X not 2, and when I went to register it I failed. I have WindowsXP and it will not open it. Now what?




What version CloneDVD did you purchase and you are in the AnyDVD forum.


On the e-mail it says 1X CloneDVD and it will not download.


What website did you purchase it from and can you paste the contents of the e-mail you received (delete any personal information such as an address)?


It also says Internet Explorer was unable to link to the Web site when I copy and paste the download of the licence key.


Slysoft sent me an order # and a licence Key web site and when I download it to desktop it says"Registration has failed"


When you have your IE connection working, you should be able to download the program. Then, you will need to register it with the instructions received in the e-mail.

Again, in order for members to help you, what version CloneDVD did you purchase?


The registration key should be a file attachment in your email that you can just right click and save to your desktop (or wherever you want).

  1. Download and Install Clonedvd2:
    or click

  2. Run the “Register Clonedvd2” program from Start–>Programs–>Elaborate Bytes–>Clonedvd2–>Register Clonedvd2


Do exactly as Webslinger has posted above. The program must be installed first.:rolleyes:


Let me thank each one of you for your help, I was successful because it. John


I am still curious about what “1X CloneDVD” means.


Me too.


it means he’s only bought 1 key for clonedvd, if he bought 2 keys it would probably be 2X Clonedvd


Exactly correct:clap: