Failed reads, multiple errors?



Hi, I need some input.
My Nec 2500A flashed to Herrie’s B7 firmware is showing signs of poor read characteristics.
The NEC is in a fresh Dell 400sc with 1g of ram, 40G WD as prim mas, 120G Maxor as prim slave, Ultra DMA 5 on both drives, NEC 2500 as secondary mas & Dell CD-R as slave, DMA 2, both drives, using new install of Win XP Pro, SP. 1.
I use latest DVD Shrink to copy to HD then & Nero to burn to DVD disk.
I acknowledge that I am using crap media, Onidtech 4X -R, & burn settings in DVD Shrink are at set at 4X, “not” Max.
I show finished burn, eject disk, then reload (on NEC) and run Nero Drive speed and get read stop errors 1/3 through the disk. Check disk with DVDInfo Pro and show multiple errors at end of the disk.???
Then I place same disk in my Tosh Laptop, run same ver DVDInfo using my Tosh DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive and show no errors & disk plays fine as a DVD??? Also seems to play fine in my (forgive me) Go Video DVD/VHS
Do I asume my NEC is a good writer but very poor reader due to media?
Or do I have a defective drive in terms of reading?
I know the NEC 2500 can be a picky reader, I have been following the threads, yet from what I can tell, my drive is more than a little picky.
I do not have a Lite-on drive to do K-Probe nor access to one, so I cannot verify the quality of the burns.
What I would like to know from the more experienced contributors, is some clarification on my above asumptions and/or what other tests I might do to determine if my NEC is a good or bad drive?
Thank you for your response


mine is picky with any kinds of media too… sometimes i can put a disc in and it will have several read errors and sometimes it won’t have any read errors at all :confused: (after rebooting my system sometimes). It’s very ghetto like that, i really doubt it’s a faulty drive or anything like that, it’s just a real pain in the arse sometimes :slight_smile: try cleaning it too, sometimes even the tinyest fingerprint on the media will work… but always remember that this drive is not very good for reading, but then again it’s a kick-ass writer! let’s hope fujifilm prices come down so that we can get some quality media for that NEC 2500 can read like a mofo!


use quality media…then complain if it doesn’t work.


Originally posted by sarahjh69
use quality media…then complain if it doesn’t work.

quiet woman! sometimes people can’t afford quality media


sorry, I really didn’t mean that… it’s just that i’m a little irritated today.


With DVD+R & RW Set to DVD-ROM in DVDInfo Pro. Herrie’s Beta 7 Firmware, using latest versions Shrink & Nero:
Regarding the higher quality media suggestion. I burned some Memorex 4X DVD+R at 8X with the same results?

Media ID is CMC Mag F01


…Speed drops in Nero Drive Speed at around 3.08 mark from 7.25 to 2.51, & then unrecoverable read error at 3.56GB before end of disk.
When checked in DVDInfo for errors, 180+ errors at 95% to 98% of % read of disk.
All this using my NEC drive.
Then disk is swapped to Tosh Laptop (P4-2.4, 512 Ram) and plays fine?

So again I ask if this is a read problem on my drive, because it looks like it to me.

Further input would be appreciated.


So you are running the DVDSpeed test and DVDInfoPro error test on the Toshiba DVD-ROM drive and it returns ZERO errors on the same exact media?


“So you are running the DVDSpeed test and DVDInfoPro error test on the Toshiba DVD-ROM drive and it returns ZERO errors on the same exact media?”

Thanks for the inquiry.
Yes the exact same media when played on my Tosh Laptop, shows “no” read errors in DVDInfo, and “No” Unrecoverable errors in Nero DVDSpeed (actually the curve is flat as my Tosh[really a Teac DW-224E) drive will only read at 2X) Yet the graph is not eratic, but a straight line (once it reaches speed) to end of disk.
When read in my NEC using Nero DVD Speed, the graph/curve breaks up as I described and ends with an Unrecoverable Read Error before end of disk
Strangely enough, when I played the DVD on my NEC, using Power DVD, it seemed to play fine. I did not play it through but jumped to last chapters (where errors were indicated) and played those through to end.
So I am perplexed! & concerned.
What are your thoughs?


Dishinit, I guess it’s all about read speed - did you tested the disks with the option in Nero DVD test length - slider to the max right - accuracy point? When playing DVD it may be using a slower speed to read the end and that’s all. I guess Toshiba reads the enitre at a modest speed - so there seems not to be any error. If you try to read other disk at even higher speed - like 12x in a Toshiba 1712 drive for exemple it will generate erorrs surely.


"I guess it’s all about read speed "

Corbus, Thanks for your input.

I am testing for accuracy, far right setting, and also set for current read & write speed (same results for Max settings).
I just flashed back to Original 106 firmware & still receive speed drop & Unrecoverable error (at 4.1GB on 4.36GB disk) on freshly burned CMC Mag F01 Burned at 4X, using stock firmware, when tested on NEC using Nero DVD Speed.
Again the DVD plays fine on my Tosh.
This is frustrating and I feel inclined to return my drive.
I will probably have to pay a 15% restock fee, as I am sure the vendor will say “it works fine” DVD’s are playable. I just wanted to make sure I was not missing something in my setup or software burning process. In other words my drive is not suffering from operator error.

Again I appreciate your input.


Hmmm, the 2500 should be able to burn AND read CMC F01 very well… It is worthy to note that this media is variable in quality though.

Try running the DVDInfoPro transfer rate test… It is almost identical to the Nero DVDSpeed test, but it can sometimes read an entire disc when DVDSpeed fails…


wesociety suggests:
“Try running the DVDInfoPro transfer rate test… It is almost identical to the Nero DVDSpeed test, but it can sometimes read an entire disc when DVDSpeed fails…”

Appreciate your suggestions. However I also get read errors, 2251 to be exact, at end of disk on 4X burned CMC Mag F01, using DVDInfo pro speed check and reading from my NEC and original 106 firmware. I put same disk in my Tosh and do same DVDInfo speed test and get “0” errors and a flat line transfer graph (slow reader).
So again I wonder is my NEC drive faulty?
I do have some Ricoh JPN R02 I could burn a dvd onto and test again.
If the Ricoh burn & read fine with no errors on the NEC, it would appear to be a media quality issue with the CMC Mag F01’s? & I purchased these for quality burns. If so, Ouch!


Personally, I wouldn’t settle for a drive that couldn’t finish a DVDSpeed read test.
See what happens with the RICOHJPNR02 disc, if your drive can’t finish a transfer rate test with that, I would definitely consider exchanging it…


wesociety suggests:
“I would definitely consider exchanging it…”

Well after burning the same video on both CMC Mag F01 & RICOHJPNR02 and getting the same “unrecoverable read errors” at the same part of disk (4.1GB mark) on both disks, and both disks being playable in my Tosh and show no errors in DVDInfo on my Tosh, the NEC drive is going back.
Funny, I checked some older burns with this drive and they were fine when checked in Nero DVD Speed. So something went south on the drive between then & now
I will replace the NEC with another 2500a as I still feel this drive is one of the better available right now.
Would rather pay a little more for service & support than go for lowest price.
Thanks for your suggestions, all of you. This is an educational forum, to say the least.


I had very similar problems with my original 2500; it would burn a disc that played okay in my standalone DVD players, but CDSpeed and DVDinfopro showed errors all over the place… my test was the king of media, TYG01’s… it failed on three of 'em (4x 6x and 8x burns, all bad… what a waste of great media!) I exchanged my drive for another, and the new one works great!



I got a Sneaky feeling its the SP1 U said U installed…I just installed SP1 I geting more probs now than ever…So if I can’t solve mine within the next week, I gona Reformat n Never Ever Install SP1 Ever again…Had to install it to get my PCI USB2 to work…


I’m running XP SP1 here with absolutely no problems.


neoplex said,
"I exchanged my drive for another, and the new one works "great!

neoplex, Thanks for letting me know you had similar problems. I have also tried burning at different speeds and had same bad results, so off it goes and hoping my new drive will be better.

MrScary says, “I got a Sneaky feeling its the SP1…”

I don’t think so. My Tosh has SP1 as well as my home built ABit system, they have no problems scanning my media with no errors. My only problem is with the NEC. So it will get replaced with another 2500a.
I have heard that SP1 can cause problems.
Before you do a reformat, have you updated all the pertinent MS fixes?
Are you able to go back to a system estore point prior to SP1? If so, then check your drives operation?

check this URL out for help:

I do appreciate your your suggestion though.