Failed flashing nec 3550 a

[qanda]This thread is about the NEC ND-3550A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi there.

I was flashing this drive and the flash succeeded but when i then reverted back to the original dump i took of the drive.

But the flash just stalled and then the PC crashed. I’ve now had to unplug the dvd drive to get the pc to boot up else it hangs at the boot screen.

Im wanting to use the dangerous brothers software to get th is working, but i didnt see any help for the 3550 a.

Is this drive named something else?

Thanks in advance


Welcome to the forum.
Connect the drive again, and as soon as you power up the PC, repeatedly press the EJECT button until the drive tray opens. This should allow the PC to boot.

If pressing the EJECT doesn’t open the tray at PC switch on, then the drive is bricked and you will need to replace it. If it does open, then you will need some tools from the following links.

Download Binflash from here.
And a firmware from here.


Ejecting didnt work on it. Shame. :frowning:

Bought this to replace it.

The NEC 5200 A. Only £14. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast response. At least i know not to waste any time on this drive then. :slight_smile:

Bought this to replace it.

The NEC 5200 A. Only £14. :)[/QUOTE]Good choice of drives. :wink: