Failed firmware flash f_cked my drive up good(bco4016im). Help?

Here is the firmware download page:
Was using .19 then flashed it in dos to .32, but windows xp would intermitently not recognize the drive on boot up so I decided to try downgrade to .24 (this version can be flashed directly from windows instead of dos). But the son-uva-bitch locked up on me, forcing a reset which trashed the drive. Not only does windows not recognize it, the BIOS doesn’t even recognize it. Does anyone have some good advice? Thank you.

Try to re-flash it again under dos using .32

Tried that but the program kept looping at 0% erasing. I’ve concluded that there’s little to no hope for this drive (I couldn’t even get the door to open), so replaced it with a similar spec Richoh drive which I found in the trash that works great.

you can try to boot up under dos with the ricoh drive, change it with the btc and flash.

I suppose I could try- is there a risk to damaging the ricoh if I disconnect the ide and power cable while the system is turned on? Also, why should it matter if a ricoh is there? I thought the whole point of the “direct ide flash” was so that even if a drive isn’t recognized by the bios, it could be flashed

No, absolutly no risk, you need the connected Ricoh only that the IDE channel is recognised, if you would boot with the bad drive is maybe not detected. but you´ve to connect both drives with the power supply and only the ricoh with the IDE cable. WHY? when you booted up and connect the power supply to the drive the pc is rebooting again.

Cool, it worked. Thanks! Did you figure out that method by yourself? But it’s really ashame the end user must go through such voodoo to restore a bad flash. I’m still looking to go back to old firwmare (preferably .19 which was factory installed). I’d be willing to try the .24 but won’t touch the windows flasher again, and can’t figure out how to get it to work in dos. I ran:
MTKFLASH 4 W /M 4016_024.HEX
but it said version mismatch. In any case, I mailed btc to see if they’ll gimme .19 and I’m waiting on their reply

no it´s a widly known method to recover drives based on mtk chipsets

MTKFLASH 4 W /M 4016_024.HEX
but it said version mismatch.

the command depends on the version of mtkflash, dhc014’s HP is a great site there can you also find a tool to calculate the command

Got it flashed to .24 now, thanks again :slight_smile: