Failed finalizations

Latest drama…Had two failed finalizations in the last week.So lost everything on the discs.I’ve never had this before.Anybody had this since latest firmware update? Two brands of discs used. :a

Had this happen once last week. First time ever with my 5005. I had been recording from VHS and had been “pausing” and restarting record to cut out commercials (something I don’t typically do on the 5005.) After that it would not finalize. I assumed it just did not like the multiple starts and stops. Granted that should not have been a problem and I don’t know if it was, but it was the only thing I could relate to it. Have since finalized two other disks with the same media.

UNWIRED.thanks,I’ve also finalized discs since with no problems.One i lost was multiple episodes which i can’t get again for a while.Doesn’t give you much confidence in the machine but i’m used to that by now!

I too have lost “Once a year” TV program recordings with 2 failed finalisation’s. Slightly different issue though, I was adding to R+ DVDs when after a week when these DVDs were loaded back into the 5005 it went straight into prepare mode then gave a failed disc error…these discs are now toast. But I now use RW+ for TV recordings then copy them over to R+ on the PC.

I had the same problem.

No failed finalizations yet (thank goodness) but did lose a few when I inserted them into the 5005.
Peter - use the protection button in the edit section on the recordings until your ready to finalize. This prevents the 5005 from wiping them out when for some strange reason it has a problem recognizingt that the DVD has data on it already. I have ejected the DVD, put it back in and then it was ok. Weird I know but it is a 5005 :iagree:

Thanks Jim, excellent practice to get into to. After each recorded session protect the data.

I have that problem (and others) regularly with my “ify” 5005 and one fix that works with certain media (TY and TDK so far) is to put the failed disk into a Liteon 5045==then let that unit read and finalize the disk. Maybe some other cheaper stand alone units could do this too but its a nice “bonus” of having two machines. IOW==don’t throw those disks away and find someone with other brands of burners and maybe they can finalize.

I feel your pain. bobbo.

Howdy folks! I’m a noob and I know very very little about what makes these machines work. I just got my hacked 5005 yesterday and my first full burn was a failure. The recording went smoothly and the quality was superb BUT it didn’t finalize the disc after two hours of recording. Ugh. I ran the first try a little over the two hour mark…my second try I stopped it under the 2hr mark and it finalized it. Is it possible that i filled the first disc too full before finalizing it and it caused an “error”? and if so how much space does the DVDr need to finalize a disc?

I’ve heard such horrible things about the burners in the 5005 but the prices recently dropped $40 smackers on Aug.1 in the US and my Bday is just around the corner and i decide why the hell not. I hope mine will last longer than a few months. Maybe we should start a poll on how long yer 5005 has lasted just to see some statisics.

I’m not sure if this applies to the 500x series, but from my experience with the 5045, I never had an issue finalising any DVD-R/RW, Video CD-R/RW or DVD+R discs when filled to the brim where it would show “Disc Full”. DVD-RWs prepared with long initialisation and DVD+RWs cannot be finalised and if I attempt to do this, I get “Change Disc”.

I did however encounter an issue with recording an Audio CD-R to the brim, as it kept on recording beyond the 80 minute mark. :rolleyes: When I stopped the recording after it clocked up about 110 minutes, it actually wrote 79 minutes 57 seconds of audio on the disc. However, even in this case it still finalised the disc successfully.

If you have not updated the firmware on your DVD recorder before, I would recommend doing this. If you don’t mind using a few DVD-Rs or DVD+Rs for testing (including one of those that failed to finalise with your first burn), you could try filling two or three different brands with any recording (such as from a terrestrial TV channel) and leave the recording run until the disc runs out of space. Then try finalising these. If all fail, then it may be an issue with the laser recording at the outer edge of the disc. If one or more fails including another one of those that failed with your first burn, then the failures may be caused by the LiteOn not properly detecting the capacity of the disc, i.e. calculating more free space than what is actually available.