Failed disks counting towards trials


UHD’s which fail still count against the 3 trial count:

  1. Disc 1 - Fantastic Beasts - on the list, but must be a different region - failed.
  2. Disc 2 - Ender’s Game - apparently not on the list.
  3. Disc 3 - Planet Earth 2 Disc 1 - works.

However, my trial is now expired. The two failed attempts have counted against my trials. Considering how many people are reporting failures of titles they actually own, there’s no way I’m going to purchase something if I can’t at least see if my discs work. It’s simply too expensive of a gamble.

FWIW, I’m running 1.0.3 on a Buffalo BRUHD-PU3.


It would appear I suffered the same fate. Running with an LG WH16NS60.