Failed burn with DVD recorder; can anything be done to save the recording?

Around the Olympics last year I got my hands on an Emerson EWR10D4 DVD-R recorder from Wal-Mart and some generic media that was later supplemented by Memorex DVD-Rs as I recorded certain days of the Games. When those ran out my family purchased generic CompUSA discs.

Now, on a few of these burned discs when I attempted to close and finalize the recording the error message “Cannot record to this disc” comes up. While the discs can be played in the Emerson, they cannot be played in other DVD players unless there was an earlier session that was burned before starting the second session that fouled up and resulted in the above message.

Obviously, the data is there but cannot be read via conventional means. Is there a way to extract the recordings with something like ISO Buster?

Why not give ISOBuster a try - you can download the trial version for free (won’t let you save any files, but you can see if it can read them) Or you could try Bad Copy Pro - also a very good program, with a free trial, again, you can’t save the files until you buy it.