Failed Boot-up after installed 107D



Please Help!

Bought a brand new Pioneer 107D OEM Version. Once installed the computer will not complete boot up. Asks whether you want to run in safe mode etc (never seen before, running XP), however, it just stays at the WINDOWS XP screen???

Had to remove the 107D in order to get the computer running to get on here!!

Any ideas


Hello Pj1967, Greeting from Grmany. I had the same problem. after installing my 107d. My computer it would hang in the bios. I have 3 computers and it happened in my epox with nforce chips and in my asus with kt 400 chips but not in my asrock with sis746 chips. i noticed it only happened when i had a dvd rom and my pioneer on one ide cable and that is with all of my dvd roms toshiba, liteon and LG. I got it to work by putting it on the ide cable behind my hdd. I had problems like this before with two hdds but never with cd or dvd-roms. It still hangs now and then but it semmed to help alot. i hope the new firmware will fix this problem. Good luck

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Double check all jumpers, and do not use cable-select.


You might have the jumpers set to the same setting ,e.g master,if you have 2 drives on the same IDE channel.


Same issue here.

I’m in contact with pioneer regarding this issue - but it seems like they’re unable to figure out what’s wrong.

Try removing other device on the same cable, switch from master to slave and so. Play around and you may get it to work.


Thank you all for replying. I have managed to deal with it, it was the master/slave pins at the back. I just needed to move the plastic cover!!

Managed to get it working, and back up one of my DVD’s today - Worked a treat.