Failed Attempts at cd back-up using CloneCD


I’m having some trouble trying to make a backup copies of an orignal series of data programs I purchased quite some time ago. There are 10 cds is the series and I’ve already lost one, so I want to make backups of these as soon as possible. From what I can see in the directory about security, they are using macrovision security driver

I used the lastest ClondCD version to burn using the profile “Protected Game” and when I try and run the burnt copies I get the “this program is about to shut down” message box.

I also noticed in my ClondCD log, that there are many “weak sectors” caution messages within the log. I’ve attempted to try buring the cds on 2 different drives on different computers at a reduced speed of 32x.

Any tips or suggestions on how I can back these up would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all kindly,

The weak sector messages suggest that the cds are safedisc protected. However, check with A-Ray scanner to make certain and report back.

Assuming though that the cds are safedisc protected, then the ability to copy them successfully will depend upon the capabilities of your hardware. Accordingly, let us know what burner/s and any other cd/dvd rom/s that you may have.