Fail0verflow PS3 hack demonstrated, release expected soon

Fail0verflow PS3 hack demonstrated, release expected soon.

[newsimage][/newsimage]As we detailed yesterday, it appears that <a href="">PS3 hacking without the need for a USB dongle</a> is finally coming to the PS3.

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The irony here is that the PS3 didn’t get much attention from the hacking/modding community until Sony removed the “Other OS” option to use Linux on the system, so they may have actually shot themselves in the foot by attracting the attention of Linux software developers.

This was expected to happen.OtherOs was 1 of the features that was promoted on the initial sales,Sony took it away because the fear of piracy is burning their minds.
What they still don’t get,is that if we have fork out money to BUY their stuff,we do as we please with it afterwards,be it installing a modchip or slamming it with a hammer…as long as we’re not playing pirated content,they shouldn’t have the right to dictate us how we have to use their hardware…it’s not theirs anymore after I bought it,it’s MINE!..
I wonder how they feel now,after making this bad business decision…:smiley:

Yea…and the CIA admitted who killed Kennedy thru mathematics…this pedo needs an enima…VERY NOWLY. If it was ALL ABOUT the removal of the Other OS feature…which greatly aggravtes me so dont hink Im someone your not…these folk would not have ALREADY been prusuing this. GH has been actively producing hacks before the update that removed it, so get on board and walk the plank…pirate pilot coming to shank.