Fail to read DVD-R/RW on DVR-105, please help!

Hi , I’ve searched the forum and i can’t find this problem anywhere. i am terribly sorry if i missed it :bow:
also if the thread is put in the wrong place, i am alos very sorry.

so i’ve been burning dvd files for about a year now on my DVR 105. but recently the burner does not want to read any dvd-r/rw cd’s

i figured i need a firmware upgrade. so i went to pioneers website and got the latest upgrade for my burner. I am not shure what to do with this, but it’s an .exe file so i figured i just need to klick on it and it will handle it self. well it didn’t.

i klick on it, and i get the message : Avalible target is not found :a

Right here

what do i need to do here? I will be so greatfull if someone could help me out here.

and just for heads up, i am not using dvd+rw instead of -rw :disagree:

That is a wrong conclusion.

Try to clean your drive and test it in another computer.

but it can read original DVD’s , i am able to burn CD-R and (i think) -RW…

and to some time, i was able to burn [U]some[/U] dvd-r(rw’s

can’t someone explain to me what the problem is with the upgrading of the firmware, or how to do it?