Fail to perform end of disc at once

I am using nero startsmart ver6.6.0.16 and an lg 4163 a105, when I try to recode and burn a dvd I get the error “failed to perform end of disc at once” and the burn fails can anyone help me

What discs are you using?

I’m using 8x ridata discs at the moment

Use Nero to burn a regular DVD with Verify, then please post the logfile here.

i’ve tried some different discs and it seems to be ok now. When i tried to upload a log onto this site it would not allow me to and said it was an invalid file type (.log).

No need to upload, just post it here.

As chef said, don’t bother uploading - just cut and paste the contents into a post.

Does sound like it’s the discs that were at fault though.