Fahrenheit PC Game

Hi All.

Yesterday I bought this game (DVD) but I can’t clone in any way. I runned A-Ray Scanner but nothing was revealed. I’m sure it is not a StarForce3 game and some rumors say it’s Tages protected.

Can anyone confirm this ???

Creating an image with Alcohol (with a perfect DPM extraction) games runs for about 10 seconds and then asks to insert the original disc.

Can anyone help me please ??? Thanks anyway.

Try scanning your installation directory with A-Ray Scanner please.

tages version in file drv setup_x64.exe

mhm isnt this exe just for 64bit windows? ^^

just a thought :bow:

No. There are 2 driver exe files (Tages I’m trying with a bus trace tool to understand sectors checked by protection scheme but even If I found twin sectors I don’t know how inject on a dvd image (subs are not supported) !!!

protection scheme wiped out by the Tetris Team…

A friend of mine at work told me this is the new Securom 7, same as used on the Splinter cell 3, I am just sharing what my friend told me, so if I am wrong then it’s his fault.

Tages for sure, just using the emu on my legal copy and it worx great !

The Tetris method uses some image with .tdf extension. Does anyone know how this file is created?

I’d like to know how to too.

I just got my copy of the game today and I have already completed this on the Xbox and having it on the PC too makes the game amazing.

Here is the info I got for this game:
This is a new kind of emu method especially designed for TAGES.
It is not quite a clone as we arent dealing with a 1:1 standalone copy.
That is, the twinsector data have not been added back into the image.
Technically it works like alcohol or dtools, running
a daemon that “reads” the tdf file and emulates the twin sectors.
This is released now so that people can enjoy this fine game
and not 6 monthes after street date.
Note: The TetrisEmu was created by some other fine folks, namely the
Tetris Team. We cannot offer any support for it. Also feel free
to release a 100% reversed version if you like, we have
better things to do :).

Any chance to develop the same for SF (DVD)?

Next month the new Daemon Tools will be released, which should be able to beat SF :wink:

i cant get my backup to run it ran once but not any more any ideas please

hey there guys! my copy of fahrenheit with the tetris emulator works like a charm! but the autorun menu of the game is in german! can any1 plz send me the english autorun menu? the file is “FahrenheitAutoRun.exe”. any emails plz be sent to esanb1980@hotmail.com thnx!!

You can find the correct autorun menu on the copies sold at your local game store.
Perhaps you should buy a copy?

The original DVD also has the autorun menu in German.

I can’t get this tetris thingy working either.

My mate bought the game so he lent it to me because he knew I liked the demo.

So I installed it, made an Iso of it. Even made an alchohol image just to make sure. Installed this Tetris thingy and mounted the .tdf file… and nothing.

Please Insert the DVD.

I even tried using antiblaxx too and that just comes up with an error.

Am I going to have to borrow the disc back off my mate and make another image?

What you are trying to do is illegal. Buy the game yourself.

No, you just need to go to the local game store and buy your own.