FAH monitor: check your F@H progress and estimate completion

Greetings! :slight_smile:

There are some FAH monitor available online but I’m currently using my own, made with Excel VB macro. Just for fun I thought I’d share it with you guys, and you’re welcome to check it out. :slight_smile:

When you run the xls file and Security Warning pops, click Enable Macros. Then enter all your PC Name and their associate FAH path, and click Run Macro button.

All paths, including inside VMWare clients, must be accessible from the computer running this program.

See screenshots below. The script will search for FAHlog.txt and displays the last 3 or 4 lines, project#, current progress (in %), current elapse time per 1%, and estimates project completion.

The macro script is not perfect so feel free if you have any comments for improvements etc. :slight_smile:

Download FAH monitor v0.4 (Excel .xls, 60KB)

Summary sheet:

Detailed sheet:

That’s cool, Zevia, thanks for sharing it! :flower:

The only thing FahMon has in it’s favour is that it displays the Preferred Deadline for WUs. :slight_smile: - any chance of that, or would it have to communicate with the F@H servers to get that info?

However, I really like the way yours displays the time elapsed per 1%, rather than having to work it out (yeah I know I’m lazy ;)). Much cleaner looking too.

Thanks Arachne. :slight_smile:

Yeah I know we talk a lot about how fast we can achieve per 1% and that plus completion time were the triggers to make me create this script. :wink:

The project deadline is shown in “unitinfo.txt”. I will update it. :smiley:

Good stuff :)…when I’ve finished this batch of burning, I’ll mess around with it a bit :smiley:

Well, I just tried running it after inputting my info (after enabling macros), and I got a Runtime error 76. :frowning:

Any clues?

Edit: oh, I think I know why. I’m not up to 1% yet on this WU.

It’s a beta :doh: i’m sure zevia will help you :iagree:

Hehe. It’s probably something completely silly I’m doing (or not doing) - even after 1% I got no joy.

Nice of Zevia to give us a new toy to play with, though :iagree:

yeah it is nice of him. I really have no need for it though.

Thanks for testing Arachne. Error 76 is path not found. So you need to check the FAH path again, or you need to delete the other lines in the list, for example if you’re runing 1 PC delete the 3 other PC list.

Anyway, I fixed the error handling in the script, and added Due time, and uploaded new version. :slight_smile:

Rolling, unfortunately I don’t know how to make the FAH folder inside VMWare accessible to the host system (Windows), so yeah this program is useless if we can’t access it.

I would think it would have to be written for Linux but i don’t know. Anyway like i said it’s not something i would use but others might like to use it.

wow, thats awesome Zevia :bow:

just for fun I tried it under linux in open office, and it could read the file, but the scripting language must be different because whenever I ran the macro it errored out with “unrecognized command” or something to that effect