Fading movies

Q: I backuped my entire movie collection with my pc. But I used utterly crap dvd’s who are loosing data quite fast. Now the problem is, I’ve got many dvd’s and I don’t want to backup them one by one anymore. So I thougt about a dvd duplicator like this http://shop.cdfreaks.com/index/2/2/21/422
Would it be possible to (re)backup my backup (sounds silly) on a decent dvd using this device ? So that I don’t always have to put it on my HD first, before I can burn it (would take hell of a long time)? I always used dvd decryptor to make my backups.
All I know is that duplication towers can’t copy secured (CSS) disks.

Thanks in advance

you can just copy your dvds on-the-fly without ripping the source dvd to the hard drive first if you have another dvd drive in addition to your dvd burner, but your source drive would have to be fast enough to keep up with whatever burn speed you use. you can do this with any burning program that allows direct disc-to-disc copying, such as nero.

I know, but I use a laptop with internal cdrw-dvd drive and a usb2.0 dvd-writer (all formats).

But there are allready 2 usb hubs connected between, so doing it like that gives quite often errors + can’t use the pc for other things at that moment.

So I am looking for an independent solution. But I don’t know anyone who has a duplicator, so I can’t test if it would work…

Normally my source dvd is dvd- and target is the same.


You are asking “anyone?” after only 6 hours of waiting for an answer? Impatient? Why?

The only way you will be able to backup protected DVDs as ‘DVD quality’ is to copy them to your PCs hard drive first, remove copy protection, and then burn them. If you want to lose quality or back them up to VHS, there is a device that can filter Macrovision out, but you will be relying on RCA plugs [Home DVD player to Home DVD Recorder].

yeah, that’s how I made my first backups! DVD decrypter Iso read, afterwards Iso burn (about 2x 28 min). But the quality of my backup is just fine! It’s the fact that within a year, it will start loosing data. So it might be easier that now that they’re still fine and working, to make a disc to disc copy. But as you can read in a previous post, my setup will be bothering me.

If dvd decrypter removed the necessary ‘stuff’ it might allow a duplicator to renew my backups. Otherwise, I’m screwed.

“It’s the fact that within a year, it will start loosing data.”

Can you explain what you mean? Even bad media should keep for 10 years (IMO). They’d like to say it will last 100.

What are you playing these movies in?

If you are having skipping issues when playing, maybe it’s your DVD player. I have a $40 one and it likes to skip all the time. Even when the movie is a good copy.

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It shouldn’t matter if it only lasts 1 year, you have the original right? You can just make another backup. :stuck_out_tongue:

How long do the originals actually last ?

'cause I got dvd’s who are ‘normal silver’ on the written side, and other original dvd’s who are turning brownish on the written side with liquidish drawings. It’s hard to discribe but it doesn’t seem normal to me (but it works fine).

Do you have them sitting in the sun or extreme heat? This will reduce the life of discs.

I’ve had discs for at least 7 years without any problems.

Nope, I keep them safe in the hard case, no light can reach it. At normal room temperature!

(need to mention I bought them like that on E-bay, don’t know what previous owner used to do with it)