Fade, The new protection

I was reading the December issue of Maximum PC today, and they talked about a new type of CD Protection.

“Game discs are embedded with what appears to be a series of random scratches, but these hash marks actually create a particular pattern that the software looks for before the game begins. If you try to copy the game, your optical drive’s built-in error correction will remove the “scratches,” making the copied disc (as well as disc images intended for online distribution) identifiable as a duplicate. At first, gameplay is as it should be, but in time, what should be easy feild goals gradually become impossible to hit. A Porsche 911 suddenly begins to handle like a bread truck.”

I was thinking, maybe if I could get a CD (preferably DVD) drive that didnt use error correction, I could make an image that included the “errors” making a perfect copy. Anyone think it will work, or have a suggestion of another way to make perfect images?

Hello to SovereignScorn from Texas!

Fade is old news … you might want to, uh, subscribe to another mag :wink:

June 01 it was first reported on this site :bigsmile: