FADE...... is it gone?

I rembember hearing about the protection FADE a little while ago (2 years) and it was used in some games. TAGES uses fade-like idea, that it gets harder to steer, shoot, jump and in-game graphics get worse. But i thought i heard that one of the other protections (either Securom or SafeDisc) also incoporated FADE - like ideas. Anyone know anything about it?

I’m sure that you just heard about operation flashpoint, which was using safedisc + fade. As far as I know it’s the only “normal” protection using safedisc.

I heard that game used Fade, but was it incoporated into Safedisc as a standard feature?


“Adventure Company” is using newest TAGES in their new game: “ECHO - Secrets of the Lost Cavern”, and someone said it’s not working anymore with Virtual CD 7, if you want to make a backup…

I refuse to believe in such a piece of protection. Having worked for a video game company as a programmer, I find it so unlikely as to approach impossible that any company would or COULD write such protection into their game. And it would HAVE to be done by the original programmers. And it would make the game suck. Sounds like FUD to me.

Sorry Gurm aint no FUD as I Also once Believed. The problem with FADE is affects Legitimate users as well as Pirates. The main reason FADE was introduced was because of the Warez Scene. Cracked .exe’s wont cut the mustard with FADE. I had to reinstall Operation Flashpoint 3-4 times a month because of minor scratches on the disc interfering with the FADE routines. Over time the gameplay would degrade (as said) making it unplayable. I contacted Codemasters numerous times who after much deliberation sent me the GOTY version, which once Patched (v1.96) removed the need for the CD and must have removed the FADE Protection.

Fade exploits the systems for error correction that computers use to cope with CD-ROMs or DVDs that have become scratched. Software protected by Fade contains fragments of “subversive” code designed to seem like scratches. The bogus scratches are arranged on the disc in a subtle pattern that the game’s master program looks for. If it finds them, the game plays as usual.

When someone tries to copy the disc on a PC, however, the error-correcting routines built into the computer attempt to fix the bogus scratches. When the copied disc is played, the master program then cannot find the pattern it is looking for, so it knows the disc is a copy.

In short FADE was too much of a failure to be considered a viable protection. For the full article:http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn4248

FADE itself was only, to my knowledge, used on that particular game, and caused more havoc than anything else.
Other similar concepts are incorporated in tagès, safedisc, etc… except that in order to be used, the game source code has to be modified and it’s simply too much of a hassle.


Thanks guys. That’s mainly the one reason that I didn’t buy Operation Flashpoint earlier, because I heard about FADE, and how bad it was. I did buy XIII and that had Tages built in, and I can tell you that UBIsoft went to great lengths to but that in there, because after trying to make a backup of it, many graphical features are blackened and it feels like mouse control is worse and worse. But i think with the newest XIII patch, it removed the checks as well.

Here is a link to an article that says Marcovision incoporated FADE into Safedisc and that the origional designer was from Codemasters. (notice that at the end it says SafeDVD has FADE in it as well.


Here’s what Codemasters said about FADE in Operation Flashpoint:


So who are these codemasters people, why are they the only ones that think this ever would have worked, and why are they whacking off to Macrovision press releases?

FADE isn’t in SafeDVD, it isn’t in SafeDisc, it made it into one game and was so horrifyingly, stupefyingly bad that it was immediately removed and they apologized to customers. Need we continue?

Operation Flashpoint was so horribly buggy who noticed FADE anyway? :wink: