FADE copyprotection ? Howto make a 1:1 copy?

FADE copyprotection ??? Howto make a 1:1 copy ???

hi there …

today i got the new DTM Race Driver and i want to safe my original gamediscs …

in the manual it`s mentioned, that there is FADE as a copy-protection … is it possible to prduce a working backup ???

my rom:

ASUS 52x24x52x

Here is some info about FADE protection (cdmediaworld & “Original games do not fade” )

I havent tried to backup a FADE protected game up to now, but to my knowledge, the FADE protection will only start to do its staff if it detects the CD to be a phony. Usually these games implement another copy protection scheme as well, ie SD, in order to be able to do so. So if you make a backup that correctly bypasses this protection, ie SD, FADE isnt able to distinguish between the 2 and is not activated. So check first if this particular game has any other protection with a protection scanner.

I bought flashpoint gold edition which claimed to have fade on it. what ticked me off about the game is one of the “protections” they use is blacklisting Clone Cd, dameon tools etc, after installing the game it would not run ( this is the original retail disks not copies) the reason is(according to) their help and their tech support state that if Clone CD or dameon tools or any software with a virtual drive are on your machine then the game will not play. at the time I had only clone Cd onn my machine and I had not installed the virtual drive when I installed Clone CD so it is obvious the software is checking and blacklisting clone and other copy programs/emulators.

my response was to return the game and get my money back. I refuse to allow a game developer to dictate what software I can or cant have on my machine and I will not knowingly put my money in the pocket of any developer that tries to do so.

DTM Race driver is protected with FADE and SecuROM 4.84.68 0120
SecuROM is on the play disk only (disk one)

no problems here with DTM and having alcohol 120% virtual drive installed on my system. seems to be only with flashpoint then

THX so far …

going to check this out …

does anyone have a BWA-file for the CD1 ???


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Um… maybe it is just me but I have Operation Flashpoint GOTY working perfectly with CloneCD and Alcohol installed on my pc and haven’t noticed FADE kicking in.

mine wasnt the GOTY edition is was the gold edition. and I just ran across this today.

Codemasters recently became aware that the master disk for the North American version of Operation Flashpoint Gold Edition contains a flaw that prevents it from loading properly. This problem does not affect the Gold Upgrade or any other version of Operation Flashpoint in any territory.

so maybe it was a clone cd issue and maybe not all I know is thier tech support flat told me that if clone Cd, dameon tools, or any software with a virtual drive was installed the game would not play.

wont the fake protection see that it is a twinpeaked cd and start to fade? :confused:

in other words: can we make a working non fading back-up of a cd with the SecuROM and FADE copy protection on it?

@ Maelstrom:

i´ve read that the FADE-Protection doesn´t work in normal CD-ROM drives…

FADE read the ring in the middle of the original cd which isn´t at a copy.

DVD-ROM and CD-Writers can read this ring because of this the FADE-Protection works.

so long…

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My original is Safedisk 2.8 not SecruRom so it doesn’t need TwinPeaks.

Originally posted by YaZ
My original is Safedisk 2.8 not SecruRom so it doesn’t need TwinPeaks.

from where did you get your game?
i buyed it in holland and my version is protected with FADE (it’s written in the manual) plus SecuROM 4.84.68 0120 (scanned with yAtEs)

Originally posted by Maelstrom

from where did you get your game?
i buyed it in holland and my version is protected with FADE (it’s written in the manual) plus SecuROM 4.84.68 0120 (scanned with yAtEs) [/B]

yes that`s right … same situation in german case …

FADE + SecuRom 4.84.68 0120 :rolleyes:

up to now my backup works

Game Of The Year UK version. Scanned with Clony XXL to be SafeDisc 2.8

From what I remember of FADE, all the Operation Flashpoint games -even the original- had it. According to the original game’s manual FADE will gradually degrade the games performance until the game becomes unplayable. It will do this if it notices a cracked or bad copy of the game.

I don’t pretend to understand how it works, but it seems to be aimed at those who install a No-CD crack or use the ‘un-safedisk’ type programs which remove the protection checks. I know of one person who played, and completed the game using a backup copy of the play disk and never experienced any problems with FADE.

well my backup just seems to randomly shut my system down !>…

ahh its a pain in the ass

i killed the securom becuse my backup duz not require a crack to getin to the game i used blindwrite with dpm info…

and i dont see flying cars or crazy stuff but only thing that happens is my pc shuts down for some strange reason…

could it be becuse i have the ntsc version of the game ?

how do i tell if i have a ntsc version or / european version ?

hmmmmmm i cant get a dam spakeless dpm at the mo so i need to know what version i have hehe then i can get someone to make me one :smiley:

M@steRW!z@rD i used yours are you NTSC or PAL ? or Other ?

if i can figure out what one i have if i can do that i can get someone to do me the dpm info for the cdrom i have. is there a tool that tells you or in the readme ?

Ignore the above Post

i fixed my problem :DDDDDDDD

Can you tell us what the problem was and how you resolved it?

Namoh: here

In OFP, Fade was only activated when using a phony cd-key or a crack.
Fade cannot tell the difference between a original disc and a copy (SD/SecuROM takes care of that) but it can detect a “edited” exe.
So Fade should not be a problem with 1:1 copies, SecuROM is the “real” protection.