FADE copy protection for PlayStation 2 games

I am wanting to copy V8 Supercar Challenge for Playstation 2, however I notice it has FADE copy protection on it? Has anyone been successful in copying a PlayStation 2 game with FADE on it, without having the game deteriorate?

I have read that if you do a perfect copy - block for block - it will work fine. And I have also read that if you have a modchip in your PS2 it will play fine.

If the latter is true, i’m confused, because you wouldn’t be able to play a copied game unless you DID have a modchip anyway. So what would be the purpose of CodeMasters puting this FADE copy protection on PS2 games if you can copy and play the game fine with a modchip?

Any knowledge into how to beat the FADE copy protection would be great (if it really is a copy protection).


FADE is indeed a copy protection.

Based on the information on the CodeMasters website and for instance this site it’s quite the clever protection as well :slight_smile:

Basically it’s a commercial copy protection with some additional “annoyances” of the CodeMasters programmers.

When the game recognizes it’s contents are on a backupped cdrom , some key items in the game dissappear. (So say you need some golden statue to complete a certain mission , that golden statue is never to be found).

According to above website : The use of FADE will be displayed during game installation, saying "Original discs don’t FADE, in order that players who experience problems will be aware that their CD is potentially an illegal copy. "

There have been some issues in the past that INSEKTOR might be the possible lead to bypass the FADE copy protection as well , but i’m not all too sure about that.

I understand what fade does but that seems to only apply with PC games, not PlayStation 2 games. You don’t actually “install” PlayStation 2 games, and therefore you don’t get the message “Original discs don’t FADE”. When I boot up the game, nothing referring to that appears.

FADE on PS2 games is a new thing and only a select number have it (about 3 i think).

If you have a modchip which recognises all copied discs as being original PS2 discs, then FADE won’t work will it? FADE is based upon the idea that the device you are using to play the game can not recognise the disc as an original.

That’s why I think it only applies to PC’s as you can play copied games on a CD-ROM drive and that drive can recognise between originals and copies. Modchips seem to overcome that problem

Any ideas?

Originally posted by jaguar23

Any ideas?

Afraid not , only what other websites tell me :).

I don’t have a playstation myself and i have no clue on how or where a modchip bypasses the copy protection(s) used in that playstation.

True that almost all the info i wrote above was based upon the PC versions of the FADE technology.

I tried to find some links regarding to the bypassing of it and found some results in the archives around here , but how to implement them ? No idea.

No matter what you do to copy PS2 games, you will still need a Mod chip or Swap Disc to play it because the PS2 doesn’t just read the boot sector. The lens on the ps2 is designed to move futher in on the disc to the inner ring, allowing it to check the Barcodes and the Sony Signature (Look at the inner ring on your PS2 games). The Barcodes are NOT data. If they were you would have been playin backups w/o chips by now…