Factory reset a crx225e?...bad flash : (

i switched motherboards a while ago, and i had a crx225a in my old system. the new mobo uses the nforce2 ATA controller instead of the standard controller drivers that come with windows. i didnt realize this and tried to flash the drive through winxp…DOH! now the drive doesnt respond to anything, fails to detect in bios during boot. the green light stays on constantly and the eject button does nothing. is there a way to do a factory reset on the drive? i know there are mystery pins on the back, probably for programming and factory reset, but i dont know for sure., and if that can be done with them, which pins to short?

i know people have had success restoring other drives from bad flashes, maybe not sony, but by screwing around with the factory use only jumpers/pins.


It appears to be a rebrand of a Liteon, some confusion as to 52246S or 52327S - which means the Mediatek chipset and MTKFlash for recovery - you shouldn’t need to mess around with pins, that was for an older generation of drives.

If nobody comes up with a better answer here, try the Liteon section!