Factory Pressed DVD Scan Threshold

I recently did a large order direct from 20th Century Fox. A number of the discs were scratched, though sealed in factory packaging with the plastic strip & not loose in the case. They are all factory pressed, & as I ordered from the Fox web site, not counterfeits. I have come to the obvious conclusion that they were resealed customer returns. I am deciding which titles to return (this is a big pain).

I’m going to post scans below of the worst of the bunch. Assuming that they play all the way through now (the really bad one with a score of “5” does not play through), Does anyone know if the other 4 are likely to deteriorate farther over time? All the discs scanned poorly, but these are the 5 worst. I haven’t played the other 4 yet.

Not to be smart, but of course they will deteriorate.

That said, a perfectly new, not-scratched, visually fine pressed disc can scan like any of the above (except for the disc with the score of 5). It would play fine for years to come, in most players that had a decent disc drive.

Or you could find that the disc was improperly bonded or something similar, and it wouldn’t last long at all.

So check the disc for physical flaws. If all looks well, you have hopes of the discs being fine for years to come (similar to burned DVD media).

Your job is to make sure that the discs don’t get any more scratched, since it was likely not deterioration* that caused the low quality in the first place.

*: (related to the manufacturing process and qualities of the used materials resulting in visual rot, etching away of the surface by oxidation, etc; anything not caused by improper handling)