Facing log off error



i am facing a problem of log off error and sudden hanging problem please help


Hello, welcome! :slight_smile:

In order to help you, we’re going to need a lot more information.

Are you having problems logging off your PC/laptop, or from an Internet site/forum?
What are the specs of your system, including Operating System, browser etc?

We can help a lot better armed with this info. I’m sure others will add anything I’ve forgotten :slight_smile:


Hi shekabhi

Arachne is correct with out more details it will be hard to pinpoint the problem, do a scan for OSType.exe error which can leads to:

[li]Infamous Blue Screen of Death Errors
[/li][li]Serious loss of confidential and sensitive data
[/li][li]Network connection failure
[/li][li][B]Constant system freezes[/B]
[/li][li]Annoying computer crashes
[/li][li][B]Windows shutdown problems[/B]