Facebook unclear about offline data it buys about its users

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Facebook purchases additional sensitive data about members of its social network but is unclear about it. Additional data such as the user’s income, the types of restaurants they visit and the number of credit cards they own is purchased from external data providers that provide ‘offline’ data.

            Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/facebook-unclear-offline-data-buys-users-81150/](http://www.myce.com/news/facebook-unclear-offline-data-buys-users-81150/)

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I would encourage every Facebook user in the UK (or EU, and I think the US has something similar) exercise their rights under the Data Protection Act and request a copy of everything the company holds regarding them.

It is your right. And if you later find that Facebook hasn’t disclosed [I]everything[/I] (which should include what it has bought in from others) within the mandated timeframe, then they are breaking the law.

Actually, we should all do this simultaneously regardless of whether or not one has an account - it’ll cause a national shortage of 80GSM A4 within a week. Just think of it as a bit of ‘work creation’. :bigsmile:

“Facebook” is just too risky they really don’t take privacy seriously. :frowning:

@AaronZ26593: You’re absolutely right. Facebook loves to spy on everything users do, without regard for the damage they can do to people’s lives.

Of course, as the aformentioned Facebook spokesperson mentioned, other actors are systematically violating everyone’s privacy, no different from Facebook. It’s pretty much open season on what little online privacy people have 24/7/365. However, that’s not an excuse for Facebook doing the same thing.

Facebooks behavior like this and all the other privacy violating things they do is exactly the reason why I DONT HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and i goddamned never will. Not even if a company i would work at would require me to have one. I’d simply find a new job.

I know few people that actually abide by the Facebook “real name” policy.