Facebook tests feature that prevents copying of profile picture

Originally published at: http://www.myce.com/news/facebook-tests-feature-prevents-copying-profile-picture-82178/

Facebook is currently testing a feature in India that should make it harder to make copies of profile pictures of users of the social network. The ‘profile picture guard’ has to be manually enabled and should make sure that profile pictures can’t be easily downloaded and shared on Facebook.

I can’t see this as ever being an effective solution as there are ways of taking screendumps in Windows for anything.

If it’s displayed on screen, it’s vulnerable.

The best answer is don’t use any photos you wouldn’t be happy with anyone seeing.

Wow and this took how long???

I don’t think it’ll work in any case.

If it can be displayed, it can be photographed, simple as that! :wink:

In fact, I’ve often run into people who asked me if there is an easier way of taking a screenshot than photographing the screen. This basically renders Facebook’s feature useless to those who use that technique, particularly if the user shares the picture through Google+, Snapchat, Twitter or something else that bypasses Facebook.

Very true Seán. :iagree:

That makes it even more pointless introducing this than I’d thought.