Facebook sells user content to advertisers

Facebook plan introducing a service called “Sponsored Stories”, which is where when users clicks a “Like” button or comments on a company’s product, the company can create personalised ads based on this information to show to the friends of the person who commented on or liked the product. This apparently is more effective than just showing generic ads. Users will not be able to opt out of this service.

I was wondering what this “Like” button was going to be eventually used by and sure enough, this doesn’t surprise me.

See this C|Net article for the full story.

Sure… So what happens if you delete your Facebook account? :smiley:

I hate Facebook, Facebook steals my wife every night for an hour and a half, then returns her.:smiley:

better facebook than another man

I have been with my wife for 27 years. Not worried about it.
Back to Facebook, I find that after that 1.5 or so hrs., I usually have to remove massive amounts of “debris” left by that site. Facebook sucks, or blows, depending how you look at it.

My daughter talk me into using facebook took me about a week to turn it off and show my wife how to get it. Now she can see all the picture of our new grandbaby and I do not have to use facbook.