Facebook denies accusation of sharing user data with smartphone vendors without user's consent


Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/facebook-denies-accusation-of-sharing-user-data-with-smartphone-vendors-without-users-consent-84398/

Facebook reportedly provided at least sixty technology companies with user data, without the consent of those users. The external companies would be able to access much more data of the social network than intended, due to a ten-year-old agreement. Facebook denies the allegations.


No surprises here…


If you believe anything Facebook says, you’re just the type of person who would believe that I received a trillion dollars from the prince of Nigeria, “and you can too!”

Basically, a company that denies users any real privacy controls is claiming that smartphone companies (who don’t give a crap about your freedom or your rights) are also not getting information on you without your consent. Lies!