Fable The Lost Chapters problem

I have the bin and cue files for Fable and have tried to burn it using two different burning apps. All is well until trying to insatall. The second disc craps out on one file and I can’t continue. It’s a simple wmv file, and when I explore the disc the file is there and accessable. Is there a problem with the bin file or am I s**t out of luck. btw the two programs I’ve tried are Ashampoo and Alcohol 120%.

buy the game, install from you legally owned cd’s, play from your legally owned cd’s! :cop:

Alcohol 120%, use safedisc profile and burn at 8X.

Better still, remake your image using Alcohols native MDS format

I can’t get fable to work on Vista screen goes black but i still here sound?

This doesn’t sound like an Alcohol problem to me, more driver related.