FABGOLD 2977 - Cant Find Burn ENG

Had a HD Crash and had to reinstall everything onto the new Hard Drive
Installed DVDFab (started with original 2500 version / the one I bought, and installed each upgrade through 2977) after the 2500 install all worked fine but once the first upgrade was installed (261) fab returns a Burning Engine not found error. I have tried reinstalling several times, I reinstalled the PCouffin.sys file, I even tried copying a working version from another computer … all to no avail.

Any Ideas ???

AMD 2800+
Win XP Pro SP2

This version is before I started using Fab, but due to number of upgrades since then, it could be that you will need to retrieve your code. It may have changed, so they may need to send you a new key. I know it has changed over time and to prevent illegal sales it is longer than number of characters that will fit on a single line on the screen so best to C&P it. Hope this helps and there have been several posts about retrieving keys, so I will not repeat. The the reason being is that I have been in the hospital last week and might mislead you to correct link, so take a look at first 4 threads, and contact fengtao.



What are your regional settings in Windows?

Thanks for the replies … I guess I [B]should [/B] go ahead and ask for a new key, Should’ve thought of that :eek:

I believe Regional setting is 1

I do not think it is the key that is wrong. Without it Fab does not run at all. Also, I was not thinking of your DVD Region but on the regional settings of the operation system (Control Panel). My idea was that the Patin Couffin engine does not install under any settings so if you are not US English maybe should shift to that before installing again (and reset to original afterwards).

Make sure you are not trying to use the [B]MCDB [/B] burning engine

For screen shot of how patin coffin engine appears in the device manager look at post 13 in this thread.


If it is not there, there is a post by Ken (portmac) from VSO with instructions how to manually install it fengtao has a link to it posted in the sticky at start of this section of the forum. The post is dated but I am sure the download has been updated.


no, it was post 21

and you can link directly to posts like this:


don’t forget to look at the driver’s details: