FabExpress Freezing and scene selection not matching


I am new to fab express and am using the trial version of the software right now. I do like the software and it seems user friendly. The problem I have had on about half the DVD I have backedup is After about 35-40 min of viewing the DVD it begins to freeze. I cant get it to do anything after that. I go to the menu and select secne selection when I do this it takes me to another part of the movie not related to the secne selected. I have also noticed it will skip parts of the movie. If you never seen a movie you might not even know this has happened, but when i use the secne selection it will take me to a part before a part of a movie that I have already watched. Very Strange. Thought it might be something I am doing wrong. Looking for help and maybe some ideas…

If you have not already done so, ensure that you use good quality branded disks (I prefer Verbatim) and slow down the burning speed - I burn at half the recommended speed of the disk.

Thanks for your reply Monster Mash. Its crazy but I do have a portable DVD player and I just tryed movies on there, they seem to be fine. My home DVD player which I use most often is where it seem to be having the trouble. I was using DVD X Copy and never had a problem playing on that DVD player. Any help or ideas… Thanks

Perhaps more than one thing going on here. Problems such as you describe are frequently the result of poor quality media, compatibility issues with your blank media and your player and/or burner, and burn speed. It would be helpful to know your exact model burner, blank media - brand, format, speed rating (basically the MID), and what at speed you’re actually burning.

Also, fab has a recent history of problems when burning “complete disc” as opposed to “main movie” with certain movies. We’ve seen freezing, continuous looping of sectors, and poor or failed navigation on the disc…this is worse when navigating from the disc menu but also occurs with the player remote.

It sounds like your copying the whole disc. First, I would recommend burning main movie only, and try this to an rw disc…it won’t cost you anything but a little time. Anyway, post back with some answers and we’ll be glad to help.

Thanks for your reply… I have a Liteon 1633s burner. Media was Fuji 8 speed DVD’s. - R. I have not changed the speed of the burning it is set at the FabDVD default which says recommended. And yes I have been copying full discs. Thanks

Sorry, had trouble getting back on the site. Based on your response, I think it’s likely a problem with complete disc mode and related disc structure issues. I have a 1633s in my older pc and it’s been my old reliabe workhorse, never used fujii so can’t speak to that.

Out of curiosity, what movies are giving you trouble? Chances are, someone here has similar issues.


The movies that I had trouble with were. Saw II, Band Camp, that I know of, off the top of my head. I have about 6 or 7 more that I backedup and Have not watched as of yet. Will check over weekend. Thanks again for your help. If there is a problem with those movies by chance please let me know.