Fab xpress + anydvd=works



I was having a fit trying to make a Copy of mask of zoro.
Fab xpress would not copy whole movie, adnd froze when i clicked main movie.
fab gold gave me the black screen of death 3 times.
finally i got the main movie with fab gold copying main movie to 1 disc, it usually doesent give that option. it does cut off a bit early after the credits and caused media player to shut down when i checed the length.
Then I found this thread;
so i thhought what the heck.
I downloaded anydvd, opened xpress clicked on main movie and it worked perfect. I also ripped whole disc to HD. It took a while. looked like it was seperating wheat from chaff for a while but it worked.
Give it a shot.


Yeah, and a huge thanks to bigmike7 for starting that thread ( I spotted that sucker right off). It does work like a charm. Actually, I’ve run both previously…but only by mistake (forgot to disable AnyDVD) and I remember thinking, …that’s funny no conflicts while running two decrypters simultaneously. Anyway, now I always run AnyDVD with fab, it really does give outstanding results.

Thanks again bigmike7… :clap: