Fab us?



So, what is the difference between ‘Fab’ and ‘Fab US’? :confused: Thanks.


You could try to decrypt a Blu-ray disc in the US version. :frowning:


[QUOTE=rosariorose9;2744846]So, what is the difference between ‘Fab’ and ‘Fab US’? :confused: Thanks.[/QUOTE]

Fab US won’t decrypt Blu-rays but you can still use it in conjunction with the free Woookao or any other memory resident decrypter of your choice.



I haven’t updated from v. 8 but I understand that an outside the US proxy site will let you download a non-US copy .
I assume the UK would work for an English version.

I don’t remember where but I think I saw a link where you don’t need you own proxy.For the download. So there are ways to circumvent this.

If your not working with blu-ray then the DVD decryption is still supposed to work.
At least that’s my understanding.
If someone knows different please post to correct me.