Fab reverts dma 4 to multi read



My plextor burner. is set at ultra dma 4.
it is drive E. 1st on the secondary channel.

when I open Fab,
It reads the source fine [drive F] but when it burns [E] it changes my DMA settings to muti-read 2…
I can’t find out what is going on here…

Should I re-install fab


please uninstall your IDE Controller [not the channel] from the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers in Device Manager.



I have VIA OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 host controller
which is under
IEEE 1394 BUS HOST controller…

Sort of down the list aways.
Is that the same?


No it is not the same, to get where Troy pointed out you have to double click on the IDE that is listed in your screen shot


It’s not there…
this is what I have,


The 1st 2 are my C-D hardrives…

the secondaries are my Plextor burners…E-F


uninstall the ATA Storage Controllers. windows will reinstall them after you reboot.


Thanks Troy,

In the meantime,
I had re-installed the latest Fab version and that did the trick also…
I ocassionally [due to reading error] end up having to reset my DMA so I will do what you showed me here…

btw: would that be e windows reboot or a full shutdown/start?


restart twice

once to uninstall then again to reinstall driver



I noticed something different going on with Fab.
After I put my source disk in, [drive F], it reads the movie and then I load my blank disk in[drive E].
a screen comes up, " reading media in Drive E etc…
After it has established all is fine,
the process begins.
After the movie has been read and it is time to write to the blank disk the above popup comes up a [U]2nd time[/U]
["reading media in Drive E "etc which I do not remember happening in previous versions…
This is where I lose my DMA 4 and it drops to multi-read 2.
not every time but I keep an eye on my DMA in device mngr and this is the place where I get dropped down…
make any sense?

that ATA controller you said to un-install looks like it’s the whole controller for both my hard drives and both CD burners…
I know you said to restart 2x but am I to do a complete shutdown then being prompted to restart again after new hardware found or a restart windows after uninstall?
sorry to sound thick here…


the drop in dma mode is definitely strange.

this is the rewritten dvd writable media detection routine introduced with [personally i like having to insert the blank media before starting the process [but thats another discussion]

yeah the need to check for blank media twice does seem redundant, ill see what i can find out about the media detection routine.

there was another user which had reported similar behavior with dvdfab dropping his transfer mode to PIO mode. wait that was you. :slight_smile: just kidding

just click the YES button twice as per my screen shots. i assure you it is safe. i did the uninstall to take the screen shots. after the first restart you may have to wait a minute or two for the new hardware detection to fully initialize and prompt you to restart again. so just sit patiently and wait.