Fab platinum dvd burner problems



hi, i just purchased the fab platinum 5.0 program, in order to burn movies. for the first week or so i was able to burn all types of movies, using dvd+r discs. however now i keep getting error messages stating that my version of platinum cannot burn css protected movies. what can i do ?
sometimes the program will analyze the movies, but as soon as i remove the disc to place my blank disc in, i see that the title of the movie is lost .


is it updated to the latest version? Please check the dvdfab section of the forum


yes, i downloaded the latest version twice.


[QUOTE=ryukl;2095168]yes, i downloaded the latest version twice.[/QUOTE]

What kinda media are you using and what is your burn speed??? How is your burner and HDD setup?? Does those dvd you own play itself properly>???