Fab Platinum Burning Error

I used DVDFab Platinum to rip to the hdd, and burn to dvd+r, 2 episodes of the X-Files. Since their was no compression necessary (I ripped the two episodes only in merge mode), I figured the quality of the video would be untouched. At first it appeared that way, however, on the burned disc, their are some weird problems. Whenever a scene changes, or the video pans to another character’s face, the screen seems to create some type of flash or like a split-second pausing effect. It’s hard to describe, but it happens a lot, and is very distracting. Also, the time seeking in my dvd player is off by minutes on this disc. I did the same two episodes with dvd shrink re-author mode and imgburn, and neither of these problems were present. I’ve burnt a few discs before with fab, and I don’t recall it happening. Any ideas on what’s going on guys?

This sounds like bitrate starvation, where something in the chain was unable to keep up with the peak bitrate demands of fast motion or abrupt scene changes. If you used the same chain of devices for the second rip, it must be something else, perhaps in the formatting of the MPEG-2 stream itself. I used to get this often with DVDShrink when using the Deep Analysis option, but have never gotten it with DVDFab. What version of DVDFab did you use and were the two burns of this done at the same speed?