Fab Media Problem!

Here is another one. My target drive is a Plextor PX-716UF External using USB. Dysan DVD+R Double Layer media. I have used this combination before a couple of years ago to copy DVD’s.

In DVDFab Platinum, it says not valid media. When I remove Spanish and French COmponents in the customize screen, it pops up and says DL media is inserted but nto necessary, do you want to continue. I say yes, and now it is burning.

My question is, why will it not burn with the Clone Option or Full movie option with everything chosen?


There you go Josborn, I think you will find your answers here. Many great members and the author even stops by once and awhile. :clap:

Thanks so much. I spend my days and nights running datacenters and Data Warehouses. I really don’t have time to become an expert at this. I have 2 17 hour flights coming up in a couple of days and my son needs something to keep him entertained!!! Thanks again all who can provide some quick answers!!!