Fab hd decrypter file is too big for DVD Shrink to backup

Hi. I copied a DVD from the disk to my HD using Fab HD Decrypter. Now I am trying to use DVD Shrink to compress it so I can burn a copy but DVD Shrink says it is too big (even using reauthor and simply the movie title which is 5200+ mb). Is there anything I can do to shrink the size without making it unwatchable? Thanks for any help.

Click on Analysis in Dvd Shrink, run it through & try again. If that doesn’t work post back & I will have another suggestion.

That worked!! Is this what I should do in the ordinary course if that happens again? Many thanks. I can now stop obssessing about this and resume my normal life.

If it happens again, all you can do is try it, no guarantees. If it doesn’t, you just come back & somebody will have figured something else out. Glad it worked for you & you are welcome.