Fab hacked again

unbelivable, apparently someone hacked the Fab forum again (not here, Fab’s site)!!! Looks like same name as last time, someone really has it out for Fab - really haven’t seen this kind of hate towards any of the other rip/burn sites…thank goodness for cdfreaks!

Incredible…here we go again!!!

Too bad this person is too stupid to use his or her talents in a positive way.


I guess the butt-nugget (Darkie, the script kiddie) has nothing better to do with his time than to screw things up for us that actually try to help and get help from the forums.

Maybe this is about money?

I’m not saying that Derrow has anything to do with this incident, but I found this (quite amusing) note on the IFoEdit Website http://www.ifoedit.com:

Affiliate Alert Warning for DVDFab products: Don’t do any business with:

Fengtao Software Inc.
No.38, Haidian Dajie,
Haidian Dist,
Beijing, China.

This company is liying about their sales and does not pay their affiliates and business partners.

Sounds like a “Fish Out Of Water”. Why would that person even care if he wasn’t an affiliate or involved somehow.

Also did you notice the ad for Fengtao products for about half the price and to cancel payment if you paid more. A page there may have been spoofed by the hacker.


I clicked on the download and was directed to Fengtao’s site. For fun I clicked on StormPay and got following warning:

INVALID/IMPROPER use of the (GLC) Link Codes. Insufficient or improper parameters specified! Please check with your Site Administrator.

PLEASE NOTE: You may also get the above error message, if (1) the “Merchant” is using an INVALID PAYEE EMAIL, OR (2) the “Merchant” is using a website that is attempting to have you log in to StormPay within their OWN browser window/frame. For your protection, we only allow Users to log in to StormPay withtin a “fresh” browser window. Hence, we strongly advise that at ALL times when you log in to StormPay, please ensure that https://www.stormpay.com/ is at the BEGINNING of the URL shown in the browser ADDRESS window. ALSO, you must ensure that the Secure Lock icon is in the status bar of that SAME browser window. If you ignore this advice you may be putting yourself at risk of having you account PASSWORD stolen.

Based on that I believe they have been spoofed as I have been to that page and did not see anything about selling Fengtao’s products. I will email him and ask as I was planning on sending him a donation because his product is a good learning tool for terms that I do not yet understand.


I got this from someone who knows Derrow but has no contact for almost a year:

It may well be that Derrow’s site has been hacked. Of course, Derrow may also have a dispute with fengtao. I have not seen Derrow for the best part of a year now.

However, I note the site is claimed to be now sponsored by DVD95Copy, which I do know has some sort of dispute with fengtao.


what is going on
why fengtao dont do nothing about it ?

Fengtao needs to add a statement here, not just about the forum hacked, but whether ANYTHING is safe to touch on their site currently. I saw a previous poster FENGTAO on the cdfreads\dvdfab forum that seemed to be representing them, but I wonder - usually we have only seen ADMIN, and ELLEN ZHANG in past…

Larry, I totally agree…

Admin, are you listening???

I agree also and I believe that the site needs to confirm email addresses and not allow guests and anonymous users post. In fact, I would like parts of the forum restricted to those who purchased products and another for people to ask questions before purchasing a program. Also make some of the regular members moderators like on other forums. And last but not least block the IP address of the brat who is hacking the forum. I know there are many security options for a forum that are probably not being used. I’m not sure if Fengtao hosts the site on a personal server or a commercial server company which would provide more security. I also printed out some instructions from the link on DVDIdle site to Doom9 and learned that DVDXCOPY was full of bugs when first introduced, so they hired the author of Ifoedit straighten it out leaving Ifoedit unsupported.


The user Fengtao is who you refer to as Admin from the DVDIdle forums.
Shame the forum was trashed again, maybe some protection for the site would help.

I want to thank CDFreaks for their allowing us to have this section. I check CDFreaks regularly for information on other products.