Fab Gold no will no longer burn DVDs

In a recent thread I revisited my on going problem with the recorded disks restarting from the beginning as soon as it came to the end of it’s play. Very annoying for it to happen with disk 1 since it comes in the middle of the movie.

I have not found a resolution for that problem. I have kept up with the revisions however in hopes the problem would be resolved. I use DVDXCOPY Platinum, but for some movies it will not work and I revert back to Fab.

I have just realized a new and serious problem has arisen. Recently, with a couple of movies I was trying to copy, the burn function failed. About 15 - 30 seconds after inserting the blank it popped out. The failed message was 2016, which says the burn failed. (Thanks, but I had figured that out.) Fab does burn something on the disk since it is no longer blank. Explorer comes back with (disk) “is not accessible. Incorrect function.". Roxio 7.5 however had no problem with burning the disks from the Fab temp folder.

I thought it was the movies fault. But in trying to resolve the restart problem I went to my library of originals (which is extensive) and experimented with about the only thing I hadn’t tried ( because I didn’t expect it to work) and that was switching from ‘black screen’ to ‘DVD Fab’ screen. ( I did see the DVD Fab screen at the end for a few seconds before the disk restarted from the beginning, so much for that)

BUT I again had to use Roxio to burn.

PROBLEM IS this movie is one I had previously copied successfully with Fab (except for that stupid restart of course). I have version Something in a recent revision has made FAB nonfunctional for me. It will not burn. It just makes coasters. I only use ‘Full Disk’ and really don’t want to use any other option.

No new hardware, no new software, except Roxio 7.5 which is a couple of months old. Just the standard updates for WIN2000, Norton, etc.

Something is wrong, bad wrong


would you like to post a log file please?

have you tried uninstalling roxio, trying to burn again to see if there is a compatibiliy issue with the roxio and your other software?

anyone else any ideas?

Please send burn log file to VSO:


“Please send burn log file to VSO:” Be happy to do what I can to help, but I must apologize, I’m not sure what or where “the burn log file” is. Please advise. If you are referring to the ‘temp’ directory, that I can send, since I do not have the ‘delete after’ function on.

To the other post, I was kinda’ hoping to avoid the delete Roxio exercise, but will, if the feeling is that it is reasonable possibility. As I mentioned, after Fab made the coasters, using Roxio 7.5 to burn the disc 1 and disc 2 from the Fab temp directory worked perfectly (even including, unfortunately the disc restarting problem).

Let me know.

Agree with california girl, an application conflict seems likely when looking at rounding up the “usual suspects”. I don’t have roxio, and while I know it works well for some, it also causes many problems. Personally, I’d lose it, it may be as simple as that. You should also make certain that your firmware is up to date.

Your burn log is saved automatically by fab, unlike some others, such as dvd decrypter or Img. The default for gold is probably something like:


If you have trouble locating it, just have windows do a search.

Portmac should be a big help to you, once you send him (VSO) the burn log.

Hope this helps,



I have explained in the referenced post, and I list it here again:

Please send the burn log file at
c:\dvdfab_burn.log and/or
to portmac(at)vso-software.fr, you need replace (at) with @.

Best Regards,

Muchos Gracias to all. Found burn log and have sent it to portmac.

As to Roxio, it does a lot of things very nicely. I find it a useful tool.

As to uninstalling it, I’ve just gotten a little more ‘gunshy’, since I upgraded my Hard Drive this Monday ( 1/23). I went from a WD 120GB to a WD 250GB ( if it weren’t for this DVD stuff, a 40GB would be all I need…). I used the WD tool Data Lifeguard to move the data ( just for the C: partition, which is all my programs ) no problems except a number of my programs took umbrage to the change and wanted registration or payment to function when I tried to start them up on their new 250GB home ( the C: partition is only 20GB). It was a pain in the Kazoo.

I’d like to here back on the log before I start uninstalling some of the programs I just had to re register, not sure how some of companies will take it.